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Seasonal Meals

Do you know what's in season right now? The pantry list makes it easy to plan your next shopping trip. Quickly search for fruits and vegetables to find out when they're in season and how perishable they are. All produce descriptions contain a handy seasonality chart and a perishability rating. These features will help you decide what to buy and prioritize what to use next. You can also filter your pantry list to see everything that's in season this month.

Of course, buying seasonal fruits and vegetables is only the first step. You can see recipes for a specific ingredient. You can also filter any recipe list to easily choose recipes using in-season ingredients. Each month we highlight seasonal recipes. This is a great place to start when you're out of ideas or have lots of seasonal produce on hand.


Knowing what you have on hand is fundamental to daily cooking. The pantry list relies on categories and combinations of ingredients to simplify tracking. All items include descriptions to avoid confusion over unfamiliar ingredients. How many items you track is up to you.* But the more you add, the better the other features will work.

Pantry items include links to our 10,000+ recipe library. See recipes for almost any ingredient. The recipe details identify the ingredients you have and those you don't. Besides common search features, you can sort recipes by missing ingredients. This feature is perfect for finding meals you have everything to make. Or use it to shorten your shopping list by choosing recipes optimized for what you already have. Save recipes* you discover for easy retrieval later.

*Free accounts are limited to 100 ingredients and 20 saved recipes.


Both the pantry and recipe lists can inspire new ideas. Yet, it's our substitution features that will push you to improvise and explore. Many ingredients in the pantry list tell you how to make substitutions. Recipes display substitutes for missing ingredients when you have something similar on hand. You can also sort recipes by missing substitutions. Try this feature to find recipes that are fit for variation using items you already have.

The Notebook

So here's the thing. We love all of the features in kitchenlister. (That's why we added them.) But we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you that the pantry and recipe notebooks are absolutely our favorite. These free-form entry fields allow you to record anything you want about an ingredient or recipe. And the best part is all your notes are searchable. There is one drawback though. The notebook feature is only available with an annual membership.* But no worries, you can always upgrade later. Why not start with a free account right now?


*Any notes you add will remain in your account after your membership expires. If you do not renew, your status will be changed to a free account. You can still view (but not edit) the notes added during your membership.

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