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We're not about meal kits, plans, and rules. We want to inspire you to take chances, make discoveries and enjoy the results. Cooking is an essential skill—one with the power to improve your life. With our recipe finder and pantry inventory tool, we've focused on the three keys to eating better right now.


Local and Seasonal

Buy ingredients that taste good. You'll be a better cook for it. The best are local and in season. Foods made for quality, not cost. Produce grown for flavor, not convenience.

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Organization isn't about elaborate meal planning and extensive shopping lists. A pantry inventory remembers what you have so you don't have to. Saving time, money and food waste are just extra benefits.

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Recipes are sources of inspiration, not strict formulas with one right outcome. Your version can be faster, cheaper and more delicious. So start experimenting. Even small changes grant an unfamiliar freedom.

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